TD1204 – getting start with accelerometers

The Telecom Design TD 1204, used on Sigfox network have a builtin 3 axis accelerometer and a lack of documentation as usual… By the way, here is the result of my searches to make it work.

Basically, the provided libraries makes it easy to use, in the setup part you have to initialize the accelerometers and in the main loop you have to run a TD_ACCELERO_Process(); method to monitor the IRQ and call your callback function to read the data.

It means that the accelerometers is not automatically waking up the device but managed during the 32KHz wakeup look.

The next part is detailing how to use it.

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Sample data from ADC with Sigfox / Telecom-Design

I just finished a program started a couple of month ago. When I stared to it, I had a hard work to find how to sample a group of  256 values at 32Khz with the EFM32 device embedded in the Telecom Design TD1204 / TD1208 used for my SigFox project. This post details how to do this task

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TD1204 – TD1208 Raspberry PI Shield

Raspberry PI Shiel Hat standard

Raspberry PI Shield Hat standard

The TD1204 / TD1208 Raspberry PI shield is following HAT standard. Is can be use with a RaspberryPI B+ or Raspberry PI 2. It includes 3 programmable leds plus the TelecomDesign Led. Some and the GPIO of the TD chip can be read/write from the RaspberryPi, Some can be cabled on the small customization area to add you own components.

The shield can be delivered with an external antenna of use with an SMT antenna.

Telecom Design chip can be flashed with an FTDI cable or directly with the RaspberryPi

This shield is not SigFox certified so it can only be used for prototyping usage.

All details about how to get started with this shield is in this post : Get start with the SigRPI Shield

Availability : 1 weeks

Contains : Shield with TD1208 + External Antenna

1 SigFox access is also provided for makers

Price : 140€

[wpecpp name=”td1208-rpihat” price=”140″ align=”center”]

For other version, read more

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