Eclipse & nRF52 create a native project

As seen in a previous post, working with nRF52 and Eclipse is not the easiest challenge !

This post will detail how to create a template project for a BLE project using a softdevice working on the PCA10040 board and using my ble library.

This can be apply to most of ble starting project with nRF52. I assume you configured Eclipse IDE as described in this post. As a pre-requisite you also need git. The tutorial works with SDK 12.3

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Discover Nordic Semi nRF52832 with Eclipse

nRF52832_mediumnRF52382 is a BLE micro-controler based on a 32b Arm M4 core operating at 64MHz. It includes 512kb of flash memory and 64kb of RAM with a price about 2,80$.

It supports BLE (Bluetooth Smart) and ANT RF protocol. It also includes a NFC-A tag. NFC can wake up device and allow easy bluetooth pairing.

Device allows Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrade. It also have different SoftDevice (protocol stacks) with BLE or ANT8 or both.

By including internal Oscillators, power supply elements and Rf elements, this chip is a low cost solution for building IoT.

nRF52832 will be available Q1 2016 but development kit preview are available. (note – this post has been kept as a draft for a too long time !! )

Now, let’s read the next part for how to quick start with the development kit.

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Play with remote selfie shutter and make your own Amazon dash button

Bluetooth remote shutter

Bluetooth remote shutter

Remote Selfie shutter are really low cost Bluetooth 3 buttons that are really easy to hack for making different applications.

These button can be found on ebay, amazon or aliexpress like following this link for less that 6$. The button is paired to the smartphone and then allow to execute photo shoot without the need of any third party application.



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Add a HC-05 standard bluetooth port to a RFDuino (BLE)


RFduino connected to HC-05 bluetooth

RFduino connected to HC-05 bluetooth

I was looking for a system able to work with an iPhone (Bluetooth Low Emission – LBE) and a standard android (Standard bluetooth / rfcom). The RFDuino Arduino platform I have is perfect for BLE so, I decided to add a HC-05 module for the standard bluetooth.


Here is the description on how to make it !



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BlueTooth BLE on iOS and Mac OsX

The RfDuino arduino device i’m actually hacking is a bluetooth 4 (BLE) device. I was expecting to work with it as any bluetooth devices in a terminal session like with rfcomm in previous version of bluetooth.

In fact not ! BLE are not pairable as the classical BT device, they are discovered by the application itself. Then you have communication channel you can read or write to communicate.

Thanks to a post in a forum, I’ve found a really usefull tool lightblue allowing to connect any BLE device and send it data. This soft works on iOS and MacOsX.

You can also get Apple tool : Bluetooth explorer and Packet Logger here.

Arduino and hc-05 bluetooth shield

Tonight, I start working on a third project I have in my hack list for the moment, this one is based on bluetooth and I order some arduino stuff to make it live. The arduino itself is a leonardo and the bluetooth is a hc-05 attached to a larger shield to be connected with arduino board directly.

This article details how to use HC-05 to transfer data between arduino &  mobile device based on Bluetooth. It includes HC05 source code for pairing and communicating.

Click on link to get more

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