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Make your IoT design on Sigfox or LoRa ?

LoravsSigfoxOnce you have found the great idea of the year and you want to start implementing your first prototype it is time to choose the right technology. Some would say you should not choose at this step and implement both at end but in my point of view it looks like and economical mistake to do this way. Prototype is to demonstrate and final product. It can request another technology, for sure. But in my point of view the best is to take the right one at the beginning. For most LoRa and Sigfox are both equivalent or for some others one is over the other one, best depends who you ask. In my point of view, if I consider my 2-3 years sigfox experience and my starting experience on LoRa with 1 year background research on it, there is no magic answer. Context of your idea is the keypoint then you have some technical elements to take into account to finalize your decision.

This post will try to illustrate where each of the technology is the best and give you some decision keypoints.

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Compared performance of different file transfer protocols over latency

Internet is providing more and more bandwidth to transfer files and files are bigger and bigger. One thing is not changing, it is latency as distance still the same over the time. When a protocol requires acknowledgment between blocks of transfer this latency is limiting the throughput like explained in this post.

The throughput is really different depending on the protocol in use to transfer the file. As I did not found something giving a lot of data to compare the existing protocol, i’ll try to get figures myself and detail here.

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AIX network debugging

Since a couple of day at work I had to investigate on some network issues for an application, it seems that we have a strange ARP configuration that may be the main issue… by the way, I discovered another strange thing where icmp packets sent in burst mode (like a flood) are lost at variable rates. Here is the note on my investigations

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Raspberry PI – wan emulation


PIWan project : Here is a new, quick & dirty project to be done with a raspberry PI : At work we currently have to simulate our application for a worldwide usage. We have really great tools for that but they need expertise and specific campaigns. The purpose of this document is to describe a RPI based solution with two Ethernet cards and some clever command lines to simulate a wan network for developers. The advantage of this solution will be to cost less than 100euros and will be easy to use with the right documentation.

See next pages for implementation details:

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Idea of the day – Safe Nas

This product is like a classical NAS, but it is a safe NAS. It means that all the content is encrypted with a personal key. It is accessible on wifi only and the access is only authorized for 1 hour, once you have unlock it with your finger print. At this point it will give you a password for the Samba mount ; this password change every-time. In background this NAS is replicating the encrypted content to a cloud storage system for a protection against data loss. All the data are encrypted into the NAS. The product offer limited storage size 64GB, 128GB as it is made for sensitive data, not divx storage … It is sold a reasonable price with a one year cloud subscription, then subject to yearly subscription.

As all the idea in this category, feel free to comment, and develop, if you become rich with it … don’t forget to help me paying my house !

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