Raspberry PI – wan emulation



PIWan project : Here is a new, quick & dirty project to be done with a raspberry PI : At work we currently have to simulate our application for a worldwide usage. We have really great tools for that but they need expertise and specific campaigns. The purpose of this document is to describe a RPI based solution with two Ethernet cards and some clever command lines to simulate a wan network for developers. The advantage of this solution will be to cost less than 100euros and will be easy to use with the right documentation.

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Idea of the day – Safe Nas

This product is like a classical NAS, but it is a safe NAS. It means that all the content is encrypted with a personal key. It is accessible on wifi only and the access is only authorized for 1 hour, once you have unlock it with your finger print. At this point it will give you a password for the Samba mount ; this password change every-time. In background this NAS is replicating the encrypted content to a cloud storage system for a protection against data loss. All the data are encrypted into the NAS. The product offer limited storage size 64GB, 128GB as it is made for sensitive data, not divx storage … It is sold a reasonable price with a one year cloud subscription, then subject to yearly subscription.

As all the idea in this category, feel free to comment, and develop, if you become rich with it … don’t forget to help me paying my house !