Baku 702B soldering station – change your soldering iron head

BAKU 702B Soldering Station
BAKU 702B Soldering Station

I wrote a post about the baku 702B 6 month ago with my initial feedback after receiving it.

After 6 months, my feedback is good and the station works well. I just made 45 raspberry shields with it using the air flow and the soldering iron and it make the job.

Now it is time to change the soldering iron head. For sure its life has been short compare to my previous one from another brand. My fear was to find a compatible head as I saw none of them with the 702B reference.

The solution is to search for 936 – 937 station or Tip 900M, they all are the same and works well with the Baku 702B. Go on ebay and pay 1/2€ each ; you will also find different head type. I recommend to order some right after buying the station as they are coming from china (generally) and your need 2-3 week to get them.

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RFRPI – wiringPi delayMicrosecond problem with RPI 2+ and fix

I fixed tonight a problem with rfrpi and Raspberry 2+ ; it seems that wiringPi 2.25 have a bug with delayMicroseconds() function that works perfectly when less than 99us and do not work correctly with larger values.

Waiting for the fix the code have been updated to work correctly with RPI2+ ; so please if you are using the shield with RPI2+, update the rfrpi code from bitbucket.

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How to avoid ssh session closing on inactivity

CentOs 7 have a built-in configuration to close the inactive ssh session. In term of security it is a good thing but when killing a session after 1 minute of inactivity start to be a mess when you have multiple session opened in parallel.

This can be avoid on the client side by configuring a keep-alive period on the client side. To activate a such keepalive, you just have to connect with the following command line:

ssh -o ServerAliveInterval=5

This will configure client to send a NULL packet every 5 seconds to keep the session opened.

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Allow nginx to access a remote DB on a Centos

If you try to access a remote database with nginx or httpd server, you will have a connection problem with error code (13) even if mysql/mariadb client works well in command line. The reason for that is a security limitation set by default not allowing httpd servers sur connect a remote DB.

To disable this limitation and make all work, just type in the command line :

# setsebool httpd_can_network_connect=1
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Configure internal Lan & OpenVPN on Azure

If you want to create a company like infrastruture on Azure you could expect to create a VPN to have a secured access to it and have an internal lan to protect you servers against external access. Basically the system provides all that you need but, as usual in the closed world of MicroSoft. The VPN server based on SSTP protocol sound hard and not documented to be used with MacOsX or Linux.

I’ll describe in this post how I fixed this issue par using an OpenVpn gateway server.

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