Telecom Design TD1207 – low cost sigfox transceiver


The Telecom Design TD1207 has been released. In fact this chip is a TD1208 you can’t reflash and you have to use with the builtin modem firmware. The datasheet is the same as 1208 the main difference is that you have no information about RAM and FLASH size. The TD1207 is at a lower price than the TD1208 (about -2$).

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SigFox Down-Link is now available for TD chips

I was waiting for it since a long time, now it is ready ! The down-link code is available on the Telecom Design SDK version 5.0.0.

Thank to this upgrade we are now ready to receive 4 messages a day on a device and ready for device actions !

I recommend to reinstall the SDK or at least to clean all the previous build as in my case, updating from github created a lot of build issues.

Stay tuned, I’ll try and give some feedback soon !

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Start playing with LiPo batteries

lipo battery
lipo battery

LiPo (Lithium Polymere) batteries are interesting batteries for IoT as they are nt so much expensive, easy to get with multiple form factors and multiple capacities. As they are used for radioguided planes and such toys, you have a lot of really small batteries available for a couple of euros.

The Lipo battery is typically providing 3.7V. This sounds good for 3.3V circuit. The charging circuit is quite easy and low expensive compare to some others battery technology.

But there is no miracle and a couple of problem I’m actually discovering and this post will introduce.

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Getting start with Tobeca 2 – 3d printer

3d printer is a kit
3d printer is a kit

The Tobeca 2 is a French and Open Source 3dPrinter. THis printer is delivered in a kit (you can also ask to get it built for a higher price) The price of the printer is about 700€ + 100€ for the dual head option I chosen.

So I’ll publish some post in the next days to detail the installation. My time is really short these week, so it could be long before I finish it. By-the-way if you have one to build of you want to buy one, I hope these notes based on my experience will help you.

Finally, I spent about 16 hours to mount the printer and a couple more to get my first print!

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RFRPI shield V1.2 released for RPI B+

Raspberry Pi B+ - RFRPI Shield
Raspberry Pi B+ – RFRPI Shield

I’m proud to announced the Raspberry PI shield for high quality RF433 have just been released to be compatible with Raspberry Pi model B+ (and A+).

The shield works exactly the same with the RFRPI lib. It is a little bit mode compact and modified to fit the usual cases.

You can contact me for orders.

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Use node & javascript for web crawling

I recently have to crawl the web to get some data from a website, even if I’m more a Java addict and convinced that JavaScript is the 21 century basic, this language seemed to be the more efficient way to do this task.

I discovered for this purpose the use if crawler : a javascript library for node.js

This post details this experimentation.

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