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As you may know, in France as in a lot of other countries, we are  paying a Tax for private copying, this tax is printed nowhere like State Tax but it exists as a part of each of the storage product we are buying, even if this product is never use to store any copy of your music & video. This is also payed to store your original Mp3 like in an iPhone, iPod for example. This tax does not help the gaming and software industry even if this is where it made sense to apply it some decade ago before it has been locally destroyed.

This tax is apply to many device and grow regarding the size of the storage space. The price per GB is reviewed yearly and generally become higher and higher. The following Graph (copied from numerama) is showing how many euro has been transfered from consumer to music & movie industry in France during last 25 years.








This is about 181M€ / year actually with an interesting growth which is also something like 3€ per French and also about 7€ per family. This money is going directly to the artists and it is like, according to different sources,  if we buy 7 album per family per year. In my point of view it is more than the average.

Then, coming the question ? what is the right i get for this price… actually ?


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