TP-Link MR3040, autonomy test

As promise, I’m looking for MR-3040 information about autonomy. This device is really interesting as it provides an internal battery to power the device on. The question was, how many time can we use it, is the autonomy good enough to have a real mobile device you don’t have to care about autonomy when bring out to public !

The first thing is to reload the battery, from 0 to 100% it takes 3:10 using the given equipment.  The next thing is to empty the battery by just doing nothing else than switch it on, as a result, the MR-3040 ran during 7hours. This is a really good result as it means that we can bring it out most of one day (or night).

The last step is to empty the battery transferring file from & to to mr3040, in this scenario, the battery autonomy should be smaller but the result is an autonomy of 5 full hours with a transfer rate about 1.5MB/s. I was expecting a shorter time so it is a good news.

The main issue I can raised after this test is the coverage area of these kind of devices (MR3040 or MR3020) really limited to a some meters and really blocked by rock walls. This is limiting the share with the neighborhood capability. It makes it more recommended to have a share into a room.

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  1. Dear Paul,

    sorry for approaching you in such an open manner.
    I am wondering if I could employ you with a little programming job – fairly paid of course.
    My goal is to get OpenWrt on the Tp-Link TL-MR3040 running as a 3G-VPN-LAN gateway

    with a configuration to
    a) connect to the Internet through 3G (please recommend best compatible 3G HSxPA USB modem)
    b) establish an OpenVPN client connection to be to existing VPN Server
    c) set up the firewall and IPtables correctly to route WIFI+LAN traffic to the tun0 interface only
    so local traffic will be blocked from going to the 3G-WAN and go only through the established VPN tunnel

    I played around a bit already but just need to outsource this now as I am too busy to fiddle the details at the moment. At the moment I need to Tftp my bricked MR-3040 again… :-/

    I set up successfully DD-WRT on other stationary routers like Asus RT-N10 and with the correct rules to drop traffice from br0 (lan+wifi) if worked…
    A LuCi Web-Gui installation of OpenWRT would be preferred – but a short manual where to find the right .conf files and only SSH access, will do, too.

    The option to switch from
    1. 3G USB MODEM for WAN
    WIFI and LAN behind VPN tunnel
    2. LAN PORT for DHCP WAN
    only WIFI behind VPN tunnel
    USB unused

    would be appreciated, too.

    Interesting project?


    • Hello, thank you for your offer, unfortunately, i’m running out of time to accept your proposal. Someone else reading your comment may accept ;=)

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