Network performance measurement script

I regularly have to test some network products like routers or homeplug devices and most of the time, I like to test the performance of that product. I’m doing it generally a couple of time and the result can vary test after test and I did not had a good, simple and basic tool to use to measure this variation.

So, after having think to it for long months, I finally started to write some bash lines to get this tool and start to get measures…

The objective of the tool is to see the bandwidth of the network to get its performance during some long period of test from hours to days. I also gather related information like latency and packet loss when the network is loaded and not loaded.

This script mostly uses iperf and ping commands to do the job. The output is a simple table, CSV formated to be imported into LibreOffice or the M$ equivalent software.

The project is fully GPL, so feel free to use, modify, improve and post as much as possible your modifications here.

The documentation is in the source code… and you can get the latest version here : netTest-0.1.tar.gz !

Changelog :

v0.1 – 2012-06-15 – initial version – netTest-0.1.tar.gz

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