Idea of the day – virtual local shopping platform

The purpose of this idea is to make a middle step between local physical shopping and Internet shopping. The problem of local & physical shopping is that you have to go to multiple place with your car to get advice and product, when you go to the shop you never sure to find what you are looking for, but if you find it, you can immediately get it.

On Internet shopping, it’s hard to get advice, you have to deal with technical description by yourself and depend on the product category it is more or less easy. Once you finally find a product you want, you need to wait at least half a week to get it.

The idea is to have a new type of on line shopping where you can easily discuss (vocally) with someone to find the right references regarding the type of need you have and your budget. The distant person providing you the advice would be able to show you the product by doing a kind of web conference where he will navigate through the shop website to show you the products. Then you would be able to place an order and to take your car to take it directly like a driving classical shop.

As all the idea in this category, feel free to comment, and develop, if you become rich with it … don’t forget to help me paying my house !

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