Program Yabbas (AtMega328p) Over FTDI cable

The last step to use a ATMega328P / Yabbas from the Arduino IDE is to plug it with a FTDI cable (TTL RS232 over USB). Personnally, I’m using the TTL-232R-3V3 to do it. The first step was to create an adaptor to transform this cable output to the YABBAS pinout.

The cable is the following one :

FTDI AtMega328p (Yabbas) cable

FTDI AtMega328p (Yabbas) cable








This cable is supplying the necessary power, it is recommended to not connect the battery to the yabbas when connected to the FTDI cable.

One done and connected, it is possible to upload a sketch to the system. The LED Blink example in the Basic menu is working well with the Led connected to the arduino. The Target for programming is “Arduino Mini / Pro” with an AtMega328P as proc.

Personally, before being able to program the Yabbas a second time with this système, I have to unplug / plug the USB side of FTDI cable each time. Otherwize I have an error message in the arduino IDE.

Now, you just have to create your own stuff ! just as a reminder, the Arduino Yabbas pinout is here :

Yabbas pinout

Yabbas pinout


The (xxx) name is the one to use in the IDE.



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