Mosquitto C++ sample code to publish message

I start using mosquitto in a C++ program and I think documentation could be a little bit improved by some examples. To use mosquitto, there is a mosquittopp class acting as a wrapper on top of the mosquitto lib. Basically to create your own program you have to herit from that one and it is easy then.

Mosquitto lib can be managed as a thread or directly by calling the different sub function. In my point of view the thread approach is the better as otherwize you have to manage connection / disconnection manually. Mosquitto lib is then event managed, so you can subscribe to the callback event by surcharging the existing function.

Here is an exemple for a program just needing to publish messages to a broker.

class myMosq : public mosqpp::mosquittopp
 const char     *     host;
 const char    *     id;
 const char    *     topic;
 int                port;
 int                keepalive;

 void on_connect(int rc);
 void on_disconnect(int rc);
 void on_publish(int mid);
 myMosq(const char *id, const char * _topic, const char *host, int port);
 bool send_message(const char * _message);

The initialization are done in the constructor as well as the thread creation :

myMosq::myMosq(const char * _id,const char * _topic, const char * _host, int _port) : mosquittopp(_id)
 mosqpp::lib_init();        // Mandatory initialization for mosquitto library
 this->keepalive = 60;    // Basic configuration setup for myMosq class
 this->id = _id;
 this->port = _port;
 this->host = _host;
 this->topic = _topic;
 connect_async(host,     // non blocking connection to broker request
 loop_start();            // Start thread managing connection / publish / subscribe

The destructor, cleanly close what has been opened

myMosq::~myMosq() {
 loop_stop();            // Kill the thread
 mosqpp::lib_cleanup();    // Mosquitto library cleanup

To send a message, we can simplely call the associated function

bool myMosq::send_message(const  char * _message)
 // Send message - depending on QoS, mosquitto lib managed re-submission this the thread
 // * NULL : Message Id (int *) this allow to latter get status of each message
 // * topic : topic to be used
 // * lenght of the message
 // * message
 // * qos (0,1,2)
 // * retain (boolean) - indicates if message is retained on broker or not
 // Should return MOSQ_ERR_SUCCESS
 int ret = publish(NULL,this->topic,strlen(_message),_message,1,false);
 return ( ret == MOSQ_ERR_SUCCESS );

Then you can add some event handler

on_connect / on_disconnect are called by thread each time we exeperience a server connection / disconnection

void myMosq::on_disconnect(int rc) {
 std::cout << ">> myMosq - disconnection(" << rc << ")" << std::endl;
void myMosq::on_connect(int rc)
 if ( rc == 0 ) {
 std::cout << ">> myMosq - connected with server" << std::endl;
 } else {
 std::cout << ">> myMosq - Impossible to connect with server(" << rc << ")" << std::endl;

on_publish is called each time a message succeed to be sent to broker. The parameter is the message id you can set when publish.

void myMosq::on_publish(int mid)
 std::cout << ">> myMosq - Message (" << mid << ") succeed to be published " << std::endl;
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