Problem with nvidia raid and grub2

It’s not the first time I have some trouble to setup grub2 correctly with my nvidia raid system (also called fake-raid) … I did not find exactly why, but for sure i never try to install grub2 correctly from yast or in manual mode.

The first solution to find was : how to boot a fresh installed system when the bootloader has not been configured. The solution is here : This tool is really simple and so efficient to boot !  I recommend to have this in your linux emergency kit !

The second solution, once the system has start is to reinstall a bootloader. Here, in fact the solution is easy : destroy this f**** grub2 and replace it by the legacy really good grub ! lol

Then it works … last step to me: understand why gnome is taking so long to start ?!? or the answer is in the question …

I love Linux !

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