SigFox Down-Link is now available for TD chips

I was waiting for it since a long time, now it is ready ! The down-link code is available on the Telecom Design SDK version 5.0.0.

Thank to this upgrade we are now ready to receive 4 messages a day on a device and ready for device actions !

I recommend to reinstall the SDK or at least to clean all the previous build as in my case, updating from github created a lot of build issues.

Stay tuned, I’ll try and give some feedback soon !

1 thought on “SigFox Down-Link is now available for TD chips

  1. Be careful that the down-link feature requires the corresponding SIGFOX contract activation in order to work in the first place.

    Then, proper setup needs to be performed on the backend side in order to return some useful information to the device, of course!

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