What about TD1208 / Sigfox current consumption ?

In a previous post about SigFox technology, I told I will measure the power consumption to see if the device can be use with a battery easily. And what I can say is that they have made a great job on power saving with this device.

What I measure (with my really low cost multi-meter) is a standby consumption of 2uA and a transmission power of 45mA. The transmission of a message is not depending on the size of the message and is about 7s. As you can transmit up to 1 message every 15 minutes, the communication consumption is an average of 0,35mA/h.

Assuming battery from 750mA to 2500mA this is an autonomy from 4 months to 10 months. It’s a really interesting duration on battery and not comparable with a 3G communication system.

Now … testing is finish … I’ll start to implement a first POC for a project !

Hack fun !

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  1. Dear Paul,
    I’m also working on this chip, using an arduino board from Snootlab. I found your article interesting.
    I can’t find any information on how to trigger the standby mode on the TD1208, would you have some tips for me ?

    • not sure to understand your question ? to go stand-by I create in my code a Scheduled procedure, that way the chip goes standby rest of the time.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I measure the same. Idle mode current is 1.6uA ( e.g waiting for AT command). One full sigfox frame (12 bytes) takes 6 seconds at 45mA, = 0,075mAh
    With a battery of 750mAh you can send 10000 frames.
    With a battery of 2500 mAh, you can send more than 30000 frames. This is not comparable with 3G solution and is a key point of Sigfox technology!

    • Hello Stan,
      I send you some remarks with ease. I can not find you the same result in terms of autonomy. Indeed, with a battery of 750mA / h,
      it is necessary already remove 20% of this capacity due to autotodécharge battery. That mean the capacity become 600ma / h.
      The quiescent current de 1.6uA be neglected. Calculation becomes 45/6 = 7.5mA / h.
      Autonomy is therefore of the order of 600 / 7.5 = 80 frames !!!
      it is already very well.

      • Calculation is : 45mA during 8 seconds = 45 * 8 / 3600 = 0.1mA/h corresponding to 6000 frames
        So Stan is right in his computation

  3. With the default firmware (loaded on brand new TD1208 devices) does the device go to sleep mode automatically? or do i have to send a command?

    Anybody tested that…?


    • Yes it is, the device is always sleeping, just waking up to proceed an interrupt, then back to sleep. I wrote a post about the TD loop that is not an Arduino loop

      • hello Paul

        could you please tell me hwat does meant by 0.004mAh for Accelero 1HZ which means 1movement detection per hour or what could you please clarify me and also in the TD1204 Datasheet unde enrgy requirements section they have mentioned about the Sigfox transmission per day 100mAh battery can withstand 1.8 years continously transmitting frames and also sigfox transmission curent cosnumption 0.083mAh only so i request you to clarify me how they find out current consuomption for one day sigfox transmission any ideas or suggestions would be helpful

      • I have been trying to calculate the current consumption of my battery in order to find the suitable battery for my product and as i found on the TD1204 Datasheet it is showing sigfox transmission per day for example 100mAh battery can able to send frame for 1.8 years but how it will become possible because as i saw in the datasheet it is mentioned sigfox transmission current
        0.083 mAh so can anyone tell me how much curent it will consume for one day? i did several calculations but unable o find out the current consumption for whole day and also could you please tell me what about the idle current it is neglgiible or do i need to consider that factor also?

        in the second example current measurements i movement detection, i gps position fix and sigfox transmission by considering all the factor, acceleo current 0.004mAh i gps cold start fix 0.225 mAh and sigfox transmission 0.083mAh so tatallu 0.312mAh current is drwan from the battery to do this functionality but in the datasheet it is mentioned different value 100/0.312mAh =320days but how in the datasheet of TD1204 indicating 246 days please clarify my doubt about the current consumption calculations of sigfox

      • Basically, current consumption for sending a message is 40maH during 7 seconds of transmission for 12 byte. GPS is about 25mAh during needed time to acquire signal (about 90s on cold start, 4-5s later depends on satellites you know and have in view)

  4. Hello Paul,

    Thank you for your reply i have one more question concerning the acceleometer Ultra low-power mode consumption down to 2 μ A nat 1Hz but in the TD1208 datasheet they have mentioned 0.004mAh power consumption how?whether it is the measured value from the TD1208 module accelerometer or it is find out from the Accelerometer datasheet becaus e in datasheet it is indicated on 2ua am little bit confused could clarify how they found out 0.004mAh

    • I may say wrong things until making investigations. The best way to get your answer is to directly ask TD on td-next website forum.

  5. Hello Paul,

    I’m trying to got the same measure on my TD1208 as you.
    But I don’t know how to ge the CPU at 1hz?
    In fact when I measure the TD1208 current consumption I get 130µAh when I put the cpu to EM2 state (EMU_EnterEM2()) what is too high…

    Thank you in advance!

    • Basically prabhakaran talk about the accelerometer and 1Hz data capture, not TD1208 efm core. (assuming in fact he referes to TD1204 as TD1208 does not have accelerometer).
      130uAh can have multiple source, not especially the EFM. What kind of board are you using for this measure ?

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