What about TD1208 / Sigfox current consumption ?

In a previous post about SigFox technology, I told I will measure the power consumption to see if the device can be use with a battery easily. And what I can say is that they have made a great job on power saving with this device.

What I measure (with my really low cost multi-meter) is a standby consumption of 2uA and a transmission power of 45mA. The transmission of a message is not depending on the size of the message and is about 7s. As you can transmit up to 1 message every 15 minutes, the communication consumption is an average of 0,35mA/h.

Assuming battery from 750mA to 2500mA this is an autonomy from 4 months to 10 months. It’s a really interesting duration on battery and not comparable with a 3G communication system.

Now … testing is finish … I’ll start to implement a first POC for a project !

Hack fun !

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