Holapex – getting your first hologram at home

holapex hologram solution

holapex hologram solution

Did you dream about getting an hologram going out from your cell-phone, this is not sci-fi but a reality for less than 15$. Holapex has raised 3500$ on kickstarter to provide a kit for doing this and it has been delivered during the last days all over the world.





His year, creation of hologram on a smart-phone by projecting 4 images on the 4 side of a acrylic pyramid has became a reality and some DIY webpages are giving the directions. Holapex has provided a solution for end-users and start to deliver them.

Holapex is basically a kit composed of 4 transparent faces to put together on a top and bottom black plastic part to create the pyramid you can see on the picture. This can be assembled in 5-10 minutes following a given video. The material are really fragile and you have to be really careful. The last operation is to fix all of this using glue and wait the 10 required minutes to get is solid and ready.

After this you can show holographic video from youtube where you will find many of them. The holapex have an android application containing sample video and tool to create your own. The iPhone application is coming but not yet ready. By-the-way, you don’t need an app to play with it, youtube have the needed video.

My experience is that many of the video have been created for smaller pyramid base and with the holapex, even if they work well, they don’t get benefit of the large pyramid size. So I recommend to search for video having a larger base ; you will easily find some.

The following video has been recorded from my own holapex and the quality is not good because the iPhone have difficulty to get the focus on the image on the dark

So you can take a look to this better video

As you can see it exists in two size : smartphone and tablet with a bigger size. Holapex can be ordered online on http://holapex.com website from 20$. So have fun with this new and promising technology.

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