Extend TD1204 Standard firmware to simplify GPS

TD1204 / Sigfox & GPS

TD1204 / Sigfox & GPS

The TD1204 modem firmware is a easy to use solution for sending message to Sigfox network. It starts to be complex when you want to create your own message including the GPS position. The standard firmware returns the satellite NMEA frames in text mode and you have to process it.

To make it simple I built a modification of the standard modem firmware to add an extra command to enrich a message with a GPS coordinate automatically.


The modified firmware for TD1204 is adding an extra command :


Where xx are 8 bytes hexadecimal values. The firmware will start searching for a GPS position and then send the sigfox frame with the given 6 bytes first and GPS position encoded on the last 48bits (6 bytes).

Command returns AT$SSD OK when finished or AT$SSD KO if the GPS was not fixed in the 3 minutes timeout. In this case, the message is sent with 0000000000 as GPS position.

There are different plan to access this firmware:

+150€ yearly maintenance

Development Prototyping Production
< 5 employees company
(for its own) – makers
> 5 employees company Any
10€ – 10 devices 50€ – 10 devices 100€ – 10 devices
800€ – unlimited
180€ – yearly maintenance

If you are interested in : contact me


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