Use cflash tool to upgrade Telecom Design Firmware

In the Telecom Design SDK, you have a cflash tool you can use to reflash your firmware from a serial port. This can be usefull to reflash a TD chip from another chip of from an embedded platform like a RaspberryPI.

This peace of code is not really nicely documented, so to avoid spending to many tries, here is the result of my investigations

  • To access the help of the tool use the -h option
  • The -p option is requiered to select the right product (the right TD chip)
    • TD1208 ID is 10
    • TD1204 ID is 8
    • TD1202 ID is 0
    • TD1205 ID is 9
    • TD1207 ID is 24
  • The -b option (baudrate) not have to be used, the default speed to program the chip is 115200

That’s known… it works well !



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