Sigfox maker tour in Clermont-Ferrand

sigfox maker tourLast week in Clermont-Ferrand the Sigfox maker tour came to see us and demonstrate the Sigfox technology to the local community.

We had a great time with Nicolas, Anthony and Alexander from Sigfox and the other about 30 participants coming from a mix of large companies, startup, students, hackers and makers.

The day was organized in “Le Bivouac” a great place for a such event.

The first part of the day was a general presentation of what is sigfox and how can we use it, basically this 2 hours training makes each of us ready for sending frames in the second part of the day and understand how it works. It also gave us a list of existing use case for the technology.

img_5749The next part for the 2 next hours let us implement sigfox on a nice board “smart everything” I will be back on in a coming post. This shield is an Arduino based system with a lot of sensors easy to use for prototyping.

We makes different groups where everyone was able to program the kit and send frame over sigfox network. View it on the backend and proceed it.

img_5756The last part of the day was a visit of the ISIMA maker lab I2C. Your were great to meet us and show us your current developments 😉

img_5763Thank you guys !


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