CES2016 – Last post : some of my favorite exihitors

ces2016bisTo conclude with my CES 2016 posts I want to share what I’ve seen and what surprised me ; it is a mix of fun stuff, 3d printing machine, drone or electronic. To have a complete view of it, you should also read my post about CES unveiled where I already post about my favorite startups.



3D Printing

IMG_4515I really loved this machine : it creates 3d printed objects by adding printed paper layers ! The layers are glued together and the objects are really strong and really full of color !

IMG_4514This is really nice isn’t it ?

All what you see on the left are 3d printed objects from this machine. As is is layer of paper, the coloring solution is really standard. Layer precision is the one of the paper height so it is really good.

IMG_4513Another remarkable 3d printing thing was the number of new printer material. We had many colors but not only. I also touch different new material like Verbatim Primalloy for creating soft objects like Silicon ; working with standard printers as for PLA.

There was a lot of exhibitors showing 3d printer materials.


Visual effects

IMG_4377This was looking like an hologram in the air ! it was not as it is fast rotating full colored led but the result is really nice as you can see on the following video. 
IMG_4430About Hologram, at least one of the exhibitors used a large one for presenting its car technology. Nice effect. It really looks like an Holapex but bigger using a 17” screen for creating the effect.





IMG_4472I really appreciated this video projector : it is located in a lamp bulb and project any screen or video on a table. I see many use in shop and museum. It can create interactive application or create atmosphere on furniture.







As virtual reality was also one of the main topic for this CES, you can also see above this guy painting in 3D using VR glasses and virtual pencil.


IMG_4432The drone area was really big ! I’ve seen a lot of them and sometime the same one at many places. For sure the most remarkable was the on on the left where a human can seat. For the more standard one, it was fun to see all the complex algorithm we start to have in the drones to simplify the way to pilot them. Most of them were able to stay stable even in case of wind and as we have seen in the Intel keynote and as you can see on the video above, they are now able to track owner and to find a way between obstacles

IMG_4509To finish with drone, I really liked the paper drone, I just had a large success on kickstarter. This is a drone skeleton on which you attach a paper plane. Then you can control it with your smartphone. In case of crash, you just have to make another paper plane with  A4 paper 😉






Kids Games

IMG_4440Different games for kid were using technology of were learning technology. We have more and more game using a smartphone as an element of a physical game like this funny robot.

In this game you can also learn how to codeIMG_4437








Even if Sigfox is not yet deployed in the USA, Sigfox was at CES and many actors of the ecosystem were also part of the show. It was nice to discuss with them and I hope they had good contact even if I assume thay had a lot of time to say “we are a technology you can’t yet use in USA/ Asia” .. By the way … good to see you all.

IMG_4385My preferred was McThings and its TD1204 module like. This module is half the size of the TD1204 including Sigfox transceiver + GPS + Accel. The availability is expected first semester 2016. Hope the price will be good.






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