Update Telecom Design SDK from 5 to 6.3.4

TD1204 / Sigfox & GPS

TD1204 / Sigfox & GPS

New version of the Telecom design SDK has been released for TD1208 / TD1208R / TD1204 and now officially supporting TD1205.

This new version provide some bug fixes, like a crash after 21285 transmissions that could be after 212 days in case of full use… some I had in touch with could be interested… @pioupiou and also a bug that disable gpio interrupt after sigfox transmission (I experimented it !)

For the main evolution, this version is supporting FCC and TD1508 and improving sigfox transmissions.

From my experience, this version is also a good way to decrease the size of your binary files.

This post is about upgrading from a SDK 5 to SDK6 and the impact you can when recompiling your projects.

To install the SDK from scratch, just follow the well documented official post here.

Be careful, by recompiling some of my project I’ve got a +10Kb compiled code after upgrade. It means for big project you have reaching the 128Kb limit of the device a risk to become too big. So in this case keep the previous SDK safe to be able to stay on it.

BUT in another hand, if you import your file in one of the new template you can save space, my project decrease from 128Kb to 91Kb.

The SDK 6 comes with a new eclipse package and the best approach sounds like  a full reinstall. The first step is to move your old installation directory c:\TD to a new name like c:\TD.sdk5.

Then you can download the eclipse package using the link available in the github README file and unpack it to the C:\TD location. Run eclipse and import SDK  from GitHub as indicated in the documentation.

Now you have to update your PATH to add the new SDK Path :

  • Go to Window System Properties >> Advance panel >> Environment Variable. Then add to your PATH list : C:\TD\TD_RF_Module_SDK-v6.0.0\gnu\bin;C:\TD\TD_RF_Module_SDK-v6.0.0\gnu\arm-none-eabi\bin
  • Then reboot.

Once the project have been imported, you need to compile them. The project had to be opened before being compiled. Select all the “common_lib” projects and clic on Open. Then clic on clean project ( this will remove the reference to target directory not provided from github but still in reference in the projects). Then you can compile choosing GCC Release (EFM32…)

Note that reference to EZR32 compile in the project could announce some interesting improvements…. That’s said it is actually an open dream :=)

Now you can restart eclipse and open blink project. Select the target directories (TD1208 Release, TD1208 Debug….) and delete them. Build blink project for a target like TD1208 Release. It should work.

Now you can import your projects. Copy your workspace project from your c:\TD.sdk5\…SDK5…\workspace to c:\TD\…SDK6…\workspace.

Go to Eclipse >> File >> Import >> Existing project into workspace . Then set the root directory to your workspace path.

Create a new working set and add in this working set all the imported project. Before compiling a project Clean it and remove the target directory.









3 thoughts on “Update Telecom Design SDK from 5 to 6.3.4

  1. Bonjour Paul,

    J’ai un problème pendant l’installation du SDK6,
    une fois décompressé, j’ouvre Eclipse.exe puis j’ajoute la source Github, mais après le téléchargement je ne peux pas cliquer sur “finish” et un message d’erreur me dit que les sources existe déjà, je ne peux cliquer que sur “annuler”
    Avez vous rencontré ce problème ?

    Merci d’avance

    • Ok, je viens de trouver une solution:
      Plutôt que de renommer l’ancien dossier C:\TD, je l’ai carrément déplacé (backup sur un DD externe). J’ai recommencé toutes les étapes décrites ci-dessus et ça a finalement fonctionné !
      Good luck

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