Configure Adeunis field test device on The Things Network (TTN)

The Adeunis Field Tester is a simple way to make test on a LoRaWan network. The device provide GPS information, temperature and an accelerometer to activate communications.

The device is big but it have a screen and you can have a direct feedback of the transmissions on the screen. It make it good for testing coverage manually. You can also program it to send messages periodically and easily put it in a car to create coverage maps thanks to the embedded GPS.

The following post explains how to set it to use it with TheThingsNetwork (as for any other network by-the-way).

To configure the Adeunis Field test device you need to enter in command mode. For this on Mac you need a serial tool allowing to send hexdecimal values. CoolTerm is a good and free solution for this.

Connect the Field test device on the serial port, select it in the coolTerm list with a 115200 baud communication. Activate the local echo and eventually the Line mode. Then go to menu Connection >> Send String then select hexadecimal and send the following string : FFFFFFFFFF2B2B2B

The field test will display COMMAND MODE on its screen and the terminal will print CM as a string.

Create the Application and Device in the TTN backend

Now we can create an application and associate a new device letting TTN generating the different EUI :

Then you can use these settings to configure the Adeunis test field device for LoRaWan:

# unlock the provider register (DEV_EUI, APP_EUI...)
# Configure the APP EUI
# Configure the APP KEY
# Change transmission rate for every 20 seconds
# Change the Spread Factor to 7 (5.6 Kbps)
# Switch ADR (Dynamic Rate) off
# Save the configuration

The default connectivity mode is LoRaWan OTAA so it is compliant with TTN. By default transmissions are confirmed ( register S382 = 1 )

Once the device is configured you can leave the command mode by typing

# (this is a O not a Zero)

Then in the TTN Backend you need to change the Device EUI to match the ID written on the back of the device :

Once all of this is configure you should see your device connecting to LoRaWan TheThingsNetwork.

2 thoughts on “Configure Adeunis field test device on The Things Network (TTN)

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to change channel frequency of FTD from 868.1 to 864.1 and i follow user manual step but it’s not work.

    so please guide me how can i configure that frequency.

    • I did not used that tools since a while, so sorry, I’ve not the way to do it in mind. Does any one have it ?

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