Quickly create word list

An easy way to create a word list in bash :

for i in {a..z} ; do echo $i ; done
for i in {a..z}{{a..z},{0..9},-} ; do echo $i ; done
for i in {a..z}{{a..z},{0..9},-}{{a..z},{0..9},-} ; do echo $i ; done

The first line creates a list of one characters word from a to z

The second line creates a list of two characters word from aa to z- the alphabet for the second character can be a-z or 0-9 or –

The third line is a three character word list.



ncrack – multi protocol password brute force attack by nmap

Ncrack is a new brute force tool made by nmap, it’s actually a alpha version but the product is really interesting to verify your password policies compliance and security. It support ftp, telnet, ssh, rdp … protocols.

Easy to use in command line, I only tested it with rdp, unfortunately with no success even knowing the password to be found. I assume it’s just an alpha bug. In my point of view the multi protocol implementation makes it an interesting tool for audit automation.