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How it burns in my car

Arduino Temperature SensorI make a post on measuring temperature with different sensors and an objective : watch the impact of designing a correct box for you IoT you want to put in a Car.

When sun is lighting your windshield it is not a surprise to get high temperature, but did you expect to get up to 90°C when the outside temperature is about 35°C ?

The packaging have a big impact on temperature as this post will detail it.

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CES2016 – Connected Cars

Connected cars
Connected cars

A second post once back from CES about connected cars ; connected cars are not autonomous cars even if autonomous cars are connected cars. For sure what is important is connected cars are already a reality and also a growing trend. Cars are connected different ways, for safety in a first step. Once the car is connected to Internet you have many ways to use this connectivity for the driver use as for the constructor use. Connected car is a great opportunity to propose new services for the consumer and most of this post will be about theses new services.

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CES2016 – Autonomous vehicles

Volkswagen-Trimaran-Concept06Connected cars and autonomous vehicles are two of the main topics discussed during the CES2016. Probably not the most review during CES as it still an industrial topic more than a consumer one at this time. In fact if we are on the way and we start to see some of the benefits for our safety, the roadmap is not for this year but for 2020 and 2030 depending on the steps. What is really interesting this year in CES is we have the first roadmaps I ever saw. We also had many actors running the same direction to make it a reality. This first post is presenting what I’ve learned around autonomous and driverless vehicles during the different CES sessions in 2016.

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