Idea of the day – dropbox for parcels

With web commerce, we are actually facing the difficulty to get our parcels at home, some are requiring signatures, some are too big and the transporter (ups, fedex, post) never come the right time. They come again and at the end we need to go to get our parcel. There are some shops where we can get parcel also, but they are rare, closed on monday, closed after 7pm …

The purpose of this idea is to have safes where parcels can be delivered. This dropbox can be owned by a post office, a transporter, a shop or an individual person. All will be referred in a system and what you will have to do is to choose a space in the nearest from your home. Reserve it for a period, obtain a secret code to open it and put this address and this code as the delivery address for your parcel. The transporter will let the parcel in, then you will use another personal code to open it a second time and get your parcel.

This service will have a cost for the user and could also have a cost for transporter as it simplify the delivery process be limiting the number of retry. The idea is to make it a viable model to cover the investment of the drop box in a reasonable time.

As all the idea in this category, feel free to comment, and develop, if you become rich with it … don’t forget to help me paying my house !