New low consumption Atom devices

Not really a news, but an interesting update on two new devices sold since march 4th, Atom family have, at least, two new Core, the first one is the N2650, the second one the N2850, they are two dual core, 4 thread CPU for netbook with a really low TDP.

The N2850 offers a 2GHz system with a 10W TDP, the N2650 offers a 1.7GHz system with a 3.6W TDP.

This has to be compared with my current reference (making no sens for you … but …) the D525 offering 1.8GHz for 13W. More over the IGP has been push from 400MHz to 640MHz on the N2850.

This configuration sound really interesting to build small and fanless machine… now we need to see the first box including these chips.

See Atom family on wikipedia :