Idea of the day – micropayment to consult blog and article

The purpose of this idea is to propose an alternative to advertisement to finance websites and blogs. I my point of view, the problem is not to pay to read an article, when the quality is good enough, the problem is the way to pay. When you subscribe to a website you generally have to do it monthly, even if you are not interested by the whole content. As a consequence, the price is high and not adapted to the classical web surf jumping from a site to another.

The idea is to have a wallet easily accessible, like a paypal system we could use to pay to watch an article or to consult a website a limited time like 1min or 1hour or more. The price should be a couple of cents to replace the ads system. The system must be standard and widely used to make sense. Article could be accessed only after paying or free but easily congratulated by a donation.

It really looks paypal, but able to do quickly transactions for 0.01$ or less with a pre-founded account.

As all the idea in this category, feel free to comment, and develop, if you become rich with it … don’t forget to help me paying my house !