Use node & javascript for web crawling

I recently have to crawl the web to get some data from a website, even if I’m more a Java addict and convinced that JavaScript is the 21 century basic, this language seemed to be the more efficient way to do this task.

I discovered for this purpose the use if crawler : a javascript library for node.js

This post details this experimentation.

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Getting start with Square template for Angular.js

Square is a template  you can find on themeforest for 19$ for a single site and for a non profit website. It contains angular, twitter bootstrap and other package already configured to make your project quickly operational.

This post is detailing some way to use it. You won’t find everything but the points I had to search longer before finding a solution. Hope it will help

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Go angular.js on mac os X from scratch

To go angular.js on Mac Os X from scratch, you need to do a couple of installation task ; After spending a full afternoon I can tell you it is not as easy as on Linux but now it works. Hope these line will help you to fire it in less than 15 minutes.

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Getting start with angularjs (installation)

angularHere are some key steps to make angularjs running on a CentOs 6. Angularsjs is a javascript framework from Google. This post is describing the first step to install nodejs, yeoman (bower, grunt) … up to the server start and kind of hello world display.


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