Raspberry PI RF433 transmitter shield

A lot of you are coming to my blog for RF433 with Raspberry PI content (here). This article is a small part of a larger project I have. As part of this project I built a Raspberry Pi shield including an RF433 emitter and receiver. I could sell this shield to some of view if it make interest to you. To make it I selected emitters and receivers to get the best quality / price compromise.  (read my other articles on this topic) I could sell it around 60€ + port.

Update : chek this article for all informations on the shield and buy it !

RF433 shield for Raspberry PI

RF433 shield for Raspberry PI v0.1












My question to you is : would you be interested in a such thing ?

If yes : leave me a comment with your email address ( I’ll will remove this address before validating it )

RF433 Raspberry PI shield v1.0

RF433 Raspberry PI shield v1.0


Here is the Version 1.0 with antenna connector integrated to PCB.

Oregon Scientific sensors with Raspberry PI

After mixing different source of information, I was able to decode some Oregon Scientific sensors to get Temperature and Humidity indication, over the air, on 433.92MHz, with a Raspberry PI system. This article gives some details of this adventure …

You follow this implementation at your own risk…

If you are interrested in this article, you could also take a look here where you can find a RF433 shield and the associated code


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