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Simple LoRa GPS tracker based on RN2483 and L80

LoRa GPS Tracker
LoRa GPS Tracker

Todays work was to make a simple GPS tracker communicating over LoRaWAN to check the coverage of my LoRaWan gateway in the city. Basically this tracker reports a position per minute to the network. If coverage is good, position will be recorded in the backend. That’s all !

This post details how to do it easily with the low cost and common components : Arduino for the master, Microchip RN2483 for LoRaWan communication and L80 for GPS positioning.

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RN2483 – LoRa – upgrade firmware

Microchip RN2483 Lora
Microchip RN2483 Lora

The microchip device is in most of the case delivered with a 0.9.5 a version 1 seems to be available even if not downloadable from microchip product webpage.

This link contains a version 1.0 and a java tool that helps to configure the chip with a graphical interface. It is really usefull.

Main problem I found with the tool: it is not possible on a MAC to open the firmware file to load. Other functions are accessible. On W7 it is possible to flash the device :


  • Connect the device with bootloader mode check activated
  • Select the firmware hex file
  • Select 19200 bps as for speed
  • Clic … sometime it is short (and not working) sometime it is longer and working
  • At end, execute a hard reset and search for the module it should appear.

Actually on May 1st 2016 the current firmware version is 1.0.1 you can get it following this link. This version is the one validated for network operators like Objenious.

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