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Measure and store multiple temperature with Arduino

Arduino Temperature SensorFor a certain IoT design I had to understand how my box design impacts the temperature of the circuit and of my battery. To understand how it works in the real environment, I made a small circuit based on an Arduino Nano to get temperature with 6 different sensors and store it in a flash memory for later use.

This post describes the way to do this multi-temperature sensor platform. Code is under GPL.

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Use a PIR sensor

Pir sensor
Pir sensor

This is a PIR ( Infra Red ) sensor ; this device is detecting movement of people by sending a signal on its output. This sensor is generating a +3.3V signal on output when a movement is detected. The duration and the sensitivity can be parametrized.

As you can see on this photo, you have 3 things you can configure on this device that will impact its behavior. The purpose of this post is to describe the use of each.


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BeagleBone Black temperature sensor

Here is a quick hack to interface a temperature sensor to a BeagleBone Black unit.

I choose to use a Microship TCN75AVOA component. This SMS component is not really easy to use for prototyping but feasible. This component have a unit cost < 1€ and operate at 5V or 3.3V (as for BeagleBone). A Dip8 version exists. The communication with the CPU is numerical based on a two wire connection type I2C. It measures from -40°C to +125°C on 8b + 4b decimal with +/- 1°C precision.

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