RFRPI shield V1.2 released for RPI B+

Raspberry Pi B+ - RFRPI Shield

Raspberry Pi B+ – RFRPI Shield

I’m proud to announced the Raspberry PI shield for high quality RF433 have just been released to be compatible with Raspberry Pi model B+ (and A+).

The shield works exactly the same with the RFRPI lib. It is a little bit mode compact and modified to fit the usual cases.

You can contact me for orders.

7 thoughts on “RFRPI shield V1.2 released for RPI B+

  1. Hi Paul,

    I was able to setup a cheap transmitter and receiver on a breadboard.
    Running software as written down on post “Oregon Scientific sensors
    with Raspberry PI”, and it is running very well.

    1. Is it also possible to readout T/H-sensors type 30.3126, Wind-vaane,
    Wind-speed, Wind-chill and Rain-gauge manufactured by “TFA-Dostmann”,
    with your shield in V1.2 (for RaspberryPI B+) ?

    2. Is software (C++ programming) for this sensors available or
    should it be maked by reverse programming ?

    I am interested in the shield V1.2.
    Please send me info on it.

    Best regards,

    • I sent you an email for the shield.
      About T/H-sensors, I can’t give you an answer but if 433Mhz you should find a way to by reverse engineering ; it is more or less complex. Take a look on INternet, most is here.
      If you find a way, give me the ode, I’ll ad it in the repository for the community

  2. Hi Paul

    I’m interested to buy a rfrpi shield. Please contact me.

    Greets Boris

    P.S. What’s the case of your Raspi in the photo of this post?

    • Hello, I’m actually running out of time to fix some issue with raspberry-pi 2. I still have some unit working well with RPI1 and RPIB.

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