Soldering station BAKU 702B

photo(1)I recently bought a low cost soldering station ( <100€ ) from Baku. This station includes a hot air soldering tool and a standard soldering tool. Temperature is indicated and independent for the two tools. Air flow level can also be configured.

I did not know if it was a good purchase as the price is really really low compared with usual soldering station. As my need is a non professional one, I did not had the budget and the use for a better station. Since 2 weeks I’m using it now, I can say, I’m happy with it. I do not use the standard soldering tool as the quality is lower my previous one and after testing it one time, I assume it’s life duration will be only a couple of weeks. But the hot air soldering tools seems to work correctly and was a great friend for my last SMD prototype. It is delivered with a replacement peace for the heating part, I assume the life will not be really long but for the price, 1 or 2 year will be enough to me !


The standard soldering peace is connected with a standard 5 pin Din connector, the pinout seems to be standard with from left to right : heaters / esd / thermocouple.

The soldering iron is 4mm inner diameter, 6mm outer diameter, 25mm long, it looks like standard one.




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