Repair broken Nebra indoor with eMMC failure

The first versions of Nebra indoor miner came with CM3 (Raspberry Pi Compute Module) embedding eMMC memory. As you may know, Helium has been really I/O intensive, particularly this summer when the blockchain was filling really fast the small amount of storage the CM3 has. As a consequence, all my Nebra indoor miner dead around the same week. Diagnostic seemed to be a storage failure.

Here is the story about making them live again

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Baku 702B soldering station – change your soldering iron head

BAKU 702B Soldering Station

BAKU 702B Soldering Station

I wrote a post about the baku 702B 6 month ago with my initial feedback after receiving it.

After 6 months, my feedback is good and the station works well. I just made 45 raspberry shields with it using the air flow and the soldering iron and it make the job.

Now it is time to change the soldering iron head. For sure its life has been short compare to my previous one from another brand. My fear was to find a compatible head as I saw none of them with the 702B reference.

The solution is to search for 936 – 937 station or Tip 900M, they all are the same and works well with the Baku 702B. Go on ebay and pay 1/2€ each ; you will also find different head type. I recommend to order some right after buying the station as they are coming from china (generally) and your need 2-3 week to get them.

Soldering station BAKU 702B

photo(1)I recently bought a low cost soldering station ( <100€ ) from Baku. This station includes a hot air soldering tool and a standard soldering tool. Temperature is indicated and independent for the two tools. Air flow level can also be configured.

I did not know if it was a good purchase as the price is really really low compared with usual soldering station. As my need is a non professional one, I did not had the budget and the use for a better station. Since 2 weeks I’m using it now, I can say, I’m happy with it. I do not use the standard soldering tool as the quality is lower my previous one and after testing it one time, I assume it’s life duration will be only a couple of weeks. But the hot air soldering tools seems to work correctly and was a great friend for my last SMD prototype. It is delivered with a replacement peace for the heating part, I assume the life will not be really long but for the price, 1 or 2 year will be enough to me !

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