WS2812b leds current consumption

As described in a previous article, I’m investigating ws2812b leds provided with RGB123 board. These leds are providing a lot of light, which is a good thing but also require large power supply to light them on. As in my system, I want to control power to not overload the battery, I’m tring to predict current need and limit it.

In fact, the final equation is really easy to get. According to my different measures, the current is really linear for each of the color, equal for each of them too.

As a consequence, the final current estimate is :

I(mA) = 1 + R/16 + G/16 + B/16

3 thoughts on “WS2812b leds current consumption

  1. What unit of measure are you using for RGB? The number of bits sent to each color?

    You raise an interesting question (i just received a 16×16 panel), but I haven’t yet made the time to connect it and take some test measurements. Thank you for getting this done before me.

    • I also work on a 16×16 having a large pw consumption and a limited power source. I’m working on a lib to manage/secure this. I’ll publish on it soon.
      The equation is using the RGB given values (0-255 each) and deliver a result in mA

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