Control WS2812b panel current consumption

With the 16×16 123RGB panel base on WS2812b, I have 256leds able to consume up to 50mA each. I want to use this with a limited current under 3A and want to ensure using software, this limit will not be reached. This article detailed my code for doing this.

Each led value is stored in a int array where each value is containing rvb values.

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WS2812b leds current consumption

As described in a previous article, I’m investigating ws2812b leds provided with RGB123 board. These leds are providing a lot of light, which is a good thing but also require large power supply to light them on. As in my system, I want to control power to not overload the battery, I’m tring to predict current need and limit it.

In fact, the final equation is really easy to get. According to my different measures, the current is really linear for each of the color, equal for each of them too.

As a consequence, the final current estimate is :

I(mA) = 1 + R/16 + G/16 + B/16