My DiY lab – list of tools

This is not my lab !

This is not my lab !

I’m starting a project with a couple of friends and today they ask me : “if we want to duplicate your lab to parallelize the hardware stuff, what to we need?” That was an interesting question I want to share in this post. So I’m going to list all the stuff I’m using frequently with its price for my home hacking.

All that stuff is low end material but affordable !

So this post will be a list of boring things 😉 feel free to add your equipment in comment !

Soldering station          Baku-BK-702B               150€
Oscilloscope               DSO203                     150€
Logical analyzer           Saleae clone                25€
Multimeter                 Hyelec MAS830L              15€
Reflow (poor)              Moulinex heater            150€
High Temperature sensor    from Amazon                  7€
USB power charger          Anker PowerIQ               26€
ISP Programmer             USBASP                       8€
Jumper wire                M/M - F/F - M/F             10€
Breadboard                 mix sized x 10              30€
RPI breakout board         from modmypi                 5€
USB breakout board         from snootlab x 3           10€
USB cables                 mix mini and micro          10€
FTDI cable                 TTL-232R-3V3                20€
JTAG/SWD solution          RaspberryPi                 36€
3d Printer                 Tobecca dual head          799€
tools                      Set of tools               100€
Dremel                     Dremel 8200                120€


Not so expensive, isn’t it ?

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