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TD1204 / Sigfox & GPS

TD1204 / Sigfox & GPS

Telecom Design provides 4 different chips to support SigFox communications. This post details the differences of each of them in term of functionnalities

All are modules are based on a EFM32 / Cortex M3 micro-controler with 128KB flash, 16KB RAM, ultra low power including a Silicon Labs transceiver. The chip is a EFM32G210F128

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                      TD1208      TD1207     TD1204     TD1205
EFM32                 G210F128               G210F128   G210F128
Firmware Upgradable     Y            N         Y          N

RF stage              Si4461      Si4461     Si4461     Si4463
                      +14dB        +14dB      +14dB      +20dB
Includes Rf Antenna     N            N         N          Y

GPS                     N            N         Y          Y
Includes GPS Antenna   N/A          N/A        N          Y

Accelerometer           N            N         Y          Y

Max Power Consumption   37mA        37mA       37mA      95mA
  + GPS                                       +/-45mA   +/-45mA

Analog Input            1            1         1         N/A
Analog Output           1           N/A        1         N/A
Digital I/O             1-7         5-11      1-6         2
Serial TTL              1            1         1          1
I2C                     1           N/A        1         N/A 

Unit price (about)     13€          11€       35€        55€
Minimal Quantity       24            24       20         15

The GPS chip used by TD1204 module is a UBX G7020 from U-blox.


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