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SigFox – The Telecom Design Familly

TD1204 / Sigfox & GPS
TD1204 / Sigfox & GPS

Telecom Design provides 4 different chips to support SigFox communications. This post details the differences of each of them in term of functionnalities

All are modules are based on a EFM32 / Cortex M3 micro-controler with 128KB flash, 16KB RAM, ultra low power including a Silicon Labs transceiver. The chip is a EFM32G210F128

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Telecom Design TD1207 – low cost sigfox transceiver


The Telecom Design TD1207 has been released. In fact this chip is a TD1208 you can’t reflash and you have to use with the builtin modem firmware. The datasheet is the same as 1208 the main difference is that you have no information about RAM and FLASH size. The TD1207 is at a lower price than the TD1208 (about -2$).

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