UnaMKR Mini breakout board

After presenting the UnaMKR Arduino devkit, Unabiz has made a new version of its maker kit supporting Sigfox Monarch and based on LiteOn module.

The UnaMKR mini is a breakboard solution for the LiteOn module and nothing more. You can easily make your own prototype system based on this board. The price sounds to be $25 to $30.

The UnaMKR mini is the “mini” version of the UnaMKR kit I previously tested. This board is a break board for the LiteOne module so you have nothing special from this board but it really help to make prototypes based on the Sigfox Monarch module without having to design a custom PCB. So you can save time and easily reuse it.

The board comes in a clean box where you will find the board and different antennas, one for Sigfox RF and one for Bluetooth. The Bluetooth one seems to be the PCB one with reference RFPCA4310. It sounds to come from passivecomponent.com manufacturer but this reference is not listed on the website.

As you can see, as for most of the break-board, you have to solder the contact pins on your own.

The price depends on the antenna configuration: you can get the kit or $25 without antennas and for $30 with it.

More information on Unabiz website.

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