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Sigfox monarch

Sigfox Monarch service is a free global service allowing to determine the zone where a device is located.

By zone location I mean RCZ (Radio Configuration Zone). It basically defines the European Zone (RCZ1) or the North American Zone (RCZ2)…

Thank to this technology a world-wide device, having no GPS to get its location, is able to determine its radio configuration and the associated frequencies to use for transmissions.

This service is covering most of the airports and ports around the world to support the existing customer use-cases like Louis-Vuiton tracker and Safecube container tracking.

This service could, in the future be used to broadcast/multicast information to devices. It could be used to get time from the network. It may later be also used to transport custom data to the group of devices.

In this post I propose to detail the Monarch technology and then, in a second post to see how to use it with the first released devkit from Unabiz supporting Sigfox Monarch.

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