IoT slide deck 2023-07 update

Two years since I did not published my IoT slide deck. Here is the new version, now about 345 slides about IoT topics including Sigfox, LoRaWan, Helium and much more. In this edition, you will also find some slide about the digital transformation impact on the society and the environmental impact.

All the slides on this deck can be freely reused for any educational content; Most of them are also used in my different MooC you can fin on my Youtube IoT Channel

In this 2023 edition, you will find about 80 new slides covering different topic:

  • Helium network architecture & principles
  • Societal impact of digital & IoT transformation
  • Environmental impact of the digital transformation compared to legacy impact
  • Different Satelite IoT solutions
  • LoRaWan details
  • IoT Security Design

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