TD LAN range test

Telecom Design LAN capability is a 9600bps rf 868 transmission you can use with the sigfox modem to communicate between multiple TD120x devices. One of the main use is to have multiple sensors communicating to a sigfox gateway. The communication get benefit of the nice ultra narrow band RF transceiver included in the chip.

TD LAN is based on GFSK modulation on 25kHz channels working at 9600bps.

I did really remember where but I read it could reach long distance in the best conditions, so as it could open many opportunities, I wanted to test it in real conditions to see what we could get from it.

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Use cflash tool to upgrade Telecom Design Firmware

In the Telecom Design SDK, you have a cflash tool you can use to reflash your firmware from a serial port. This can be usefull to reflash a TD chip from another chip of from an embedded platform like a RaspberryPI.

This peace of code is not really nicely documented, so to avoid spending to many tries, here is the result of my investigations

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Telecom Design TD1207 – low cost sigfox transceiver



The Telecom Design TD1207 has been released. In fact this chip is a TD1208 you can’t reflash and you have to use with the builtin modem firmware. The datasheet is the same as 1208 the main difference is that you have no information about RAM and FLASH size. The TD1207 is at a lower price than the TD1208 (about -2$).

SigFox Down-Link is now available for TD chips

I was waiting for it since a long time, now it is ready ! The down-link code is available on the Telecom Design SDK version 5.0.0.

Thank to this upgrade we are now ready to receive 4 messages a day on a device and ready for device actions !

I recommend to reinstall the SDK or at least to clean all the previous build as in my case, updating from github created a lot of build issues.

Stay tuned, I’ll try and give some feedback soon !

Telecom Device TD1205 – Sigfox – Test

TD1205 - sigfox

TD1205 – sigfox

The TD1205 device is more than the usual Telecom Design Sigfox embedded circuit as TD1204 and TD1208, they are a all in one chip providing GPS antenna and RF antenna. Ready to use, to be clear you just need to plug a battery to use it.

In my point of view, for many applications not requiring more than 2 GPIOs, this product is really easy and chip way to design a SigFox product. As it costs around 55$ and you just have to add box & battery id sounds like the most affordable for small quantities. But …

This post is detailing what is specific to this chip ; read more following the link

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SigFox arduino Raspberry PI hacking board

sigfox hack board

sigfox hack board

I assume you know a little bit who I am and what I’m doing, I’m not the one to by > 100€ to buy a one shot development board kit to test & hack a device like the Telecom Design chip. So basically I built my own with the objective to work with multiple configuration.

My “cahier des charges” was to make a board able to be installed as a dauther board on a raspberry PI,  able to support an arduino, able to run autonomously and being able to own a TD1204 as a TD1208.

It was a huge work to route it and I must recognize that it do not have all the GPIO connected as I expected but it exists, it works and it help me to build my first SigFox prototypes with success.

So, now, I propose to distribute this board to those of you looking for a such swiss knife.

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TD1204 – How to use GPS device for geolocalization with Sigfox

The TD1204 is the GPS & Accelerometer version of the sigfox Telecom Design chip. After a previous post about the use of the accelerometers (here) I’m describing how to use the GPS module.

The embedded GPS is based on a UBX G7020 chip. This chip will give you the date, time, longitude, latitude, altitude, speed and direction of the device when activated.

Read more for programming details

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