Running sigfox with a Raspberry-Pi

Sigfox on Raspberry Pi

Sigfox on Raspberry Pi

Based on my sigfox multi-board shield, it is possible to hack sigfox with a raspberry pi. The standard telecom Design firmware allow to use it as a modem. The raspberry Pi just have to send the expected AT commands




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RFRPI works certified with Raspberry PI 2+ for RF433

Raspberry Pi B+ - RFRPI Shield

Raspberry Pi B+ – RFRPI Shield

I’m proud to announce the compatibility of the RFRPI shield (RF433 transceiver for RPI) with the new Raspberry PI 2+

To get all detailed information about this shield you can read this post

You must use wiringPi >= 2.25 for RPI2+ compatibility.

SWD programming using a RaspberryPi

I previously write this post on how to use a BeagleBoneBlack as a JTAG (SWD) programmer. It was fun but really slow. I port my code on RaspberryPI and now what was taken 5-8 hours is a couple of minutes.

To connect the SWD connector to the PI use the following schema

Connect SWD to RaspberryPi

Connect SWD to RaspberryPi

I use this peace of code to reflash my TD1204 and TD1208 based both on EFM32 when bricked after unsuccessful update…

Here is the python file to interact with SWD :

I hop it will be soon integrated in the main PySWD project as the previous one.

You should check or modify file

import array

from PirateSWD import *
from RpiGPIO import *
from SWDCommon import *


def main():
    busPirate = RpiSWD("", vreg = True)
    debugPort = DebugPort(busPirate)
    efm32     = EFM32(debugPort)

To run the Flash program, just launch

# ./ ../myProgram.bin


RFRPI shield V1.2 released for RPI B+

Raspberry Pi B+ - RFRPI Shield

Raspberry Pi B+ – RFRPI Shield

I’m proud to announced the Raspberry PI shield for high quality RF433 have just been released to be compatible with Raspberry Pi model B+ (and A+).

The shield works exactly the same with the RFRPI lib. It is a little bit mode compact and modified to fit the usual cases.

You can contact me for orders.

SigFox arduino Raspberry PI hacking board

sigfox hack board

sigfox hack board

I assume you know a little bit who I am and what I’m doing, I’m not the one to by > 100€ to buy a one shot development board kit to test & hack a device like the Telecom Design chip. So basically I built my own with the objective to work with multiple configuration.

My “cahier des charges” was to make a board able to be installed as a dauther board on a raspberry PI,  able to support an arduino, able to run autonomously and being able to own a TD1204 as a TD1208.

It was a huge work to route it and I must recognize that it do not have all the GPIO connected as I expected but it exists, it works and it help me to build my first SigFox prototypes with success.

So, now, I propose to distribute this board to those of you looking for a such swiss knife.

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Create a 3G Pir sensor with a raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 3G PIR sensor

Raspberry Pi 3G PIR sensor

Basically, it is something I was looking to do with SigFox, but unfortunately yesterday I bricked my chip because of a wire unsoldered right in the middle of the upload of a new firmware version … By the way, I’ll do it later once it will be fixed.

So I had to built it on a raspberry as a short term solution. Read next to get details


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TD1204 – TD1208 Raspberry PI Shield

Raspberry PI Shiel Hat standard

Raspberry PI Shield Hat standard

The TD1204 / TD1208 Raspberry PI shield is following HAT standard. Is can be use with a RaspberryPI B+ or Raspberry PI 2. It includes 3 programmable leds plus the TelecomDesign Led. Some and the GPIO of the TD chip can be read/write from the RaspberryPi, Some can be cabled on the small customization area to add you own components.

The shield can be delivered with an external antenna of use with an SMT antenna.

Telecom Design chip can be flashed with an FTDI cable or directly with the RaspberryPi

This shield is not SigFox certified so it can only be used for prototyping usage.

All details about how to get started with this shield is in this post : Get start with the SigRPI Shield

Availability : 1 weeks

Contains : Shield with TD1208 + External Antenna

1 SigFox access is also provided for makers

Price : 140€

[wpecpp name=”td1208-rpihat” price=”140″ align=”center”]

For other version, read more

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Let’s start playing with sigfox technology

SigFox with TD1208I already wrote some stuff about Sigfox here, so may know that it is a really promising French technology IoT oriented. So I have a project to connect a Raspberry Pi and arduino system on a such peripheral.  The use of this technology is quite easy as it works like a modem, based on AT command transfered over a 9600bps serial line.  The main issue is that the chip is really CMS and hard to hack at home easily… by the way, as you see, a poor soldering makes it working for the test purpose.

As much as I have test, I can say that using this device to communicate with an Arduino or a PI is really easy ! code can be written in less than a minute ; compared to what you have to do to make wifi / Ethernet / GSM working in a stable way, this is incredibly easier ! You can also use the device as an autonomous sensor for temperature and contact switch of your choice for an affordable price.  In my point of view one thing is missing : you do not really know the signal quality and if you have a good connection or not with sigfox network. [update] The RSSI is indicated in the SigFox Api on the backend side for each of the received messages [/update] . Meaning you must receive the first one to know if the location is covered or not. This can be a problem to deliver a product and get an easy support to your consumer. The other limit of the technology, as much as I know is that you can transmit data but not receive some from the SigFox network [update] The ability for the device to receive messages will be soon added with limitation, but it will [/update]. In many case it is enough but sometime you like to respond to a specific value received. Read next to get details on how to use it …

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